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quotex is an online trading platform known for its investor-friendly trading accounts and accessibility features. It is also a binary option.

You can also trade comfortably in quotex at a very low deposit (10 $ ie around 750 ₹). Here you only have to create an account which is absolutely easy and you can play your claim for trading. This is a very simple way of doing trading.

Each of our developers is a specialist of the highest level with many years of experience. Some of them gave more than 10 years of their life to upgrade their development skills, and the team's total experience is 200 years.This experience helped us to find the best mechanisms to create a modern platform.

Trading is done by around 40.000 Traders every day, quotex is valid in around 133 countries and is played fairly well and 35.000.000 Traders are won by quotex for good money every week.